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Our mission is to recognize and celebrate excellence in the field of education by honoring outstanding colleges, schools, teachers, management profiles and students who have demonstrated exceptional dedication, innovation, and impact in their respective areas.

The methodology for awarding colleges involves a multi-phase process that begins with open nominations from diverse stakeholders and shortlisted by the Academic Insights’ editorial panel on the basis of data inputs provided by the college and individual and, if applicable, on-site visits. The chosen institutions are publicly recognized and celebrated during an award ceremony

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Yes, if the Nominee is unable to attend the award ceremony, they can still participate. The Award can be collected by a family member or friend on their behalf, or the Award Kit will be sent to the Winner via courier.
Yes, the Awardee has the option to purchase or request for additional passes for their Friends, Family, and Colleagues.
The Winner will receive a Trophy, Certificate, Appreciation Letter, and a Goody bag.
The selected Nominees will be declared on or before Insert Date. The ID card and award ceremony Pass will be sent to their respective addresses.
Generally, award recipients can only receive the award once. However, in certain cases, multiple awards may be allowed if the recipients continue to meet the criteria for subsequent nominations.
  • Title of the Innovation
  • Description of the Innovation
  • Benefits and Impact
  • Originality and Uniqueness
  • Team Information
  • Faculty Advisors (if any)
  • Supporting Documents (if any)
  • Contact Information


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